36Y Inlet rubbers XJR1200, XJR1300 + titanium bolts


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The XJR is restricted due to the use of inlet rubbers with smaller diameter. They can be replaced with 32 mm FJ inlet rubbers known by the code ‘36Y’
The Yamaha FJ uses the same engine as the XJR. These inlet rubbers will increase peak power by about 5 bhp without any need for rejetting the carburettors
Very easy to exchange. An extensive step-by-step manual is included if needed. Made in Japan by a Yamaha OEM manufacturer (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
No cheap Chinese bad quality copies!
Quantity: complete set of 4 pieces, O-rings included
Material: vulcanized rubber and composite
Internal diameter 32 mm
Models: all models XJR1200 and XJR1300 with carburettor **
Mounting: titanium bolts (8 pieces) included
**Will fit the newer models after 2001, but with a little modification of the air filter box mounting holes. This is easy and will be explained in the manual

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