Oil filter adaptor conversion set XJR/FJ


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This oil filter adaptor converts the Yamaha OEM filter housing so you can use a spin-on filter,
eliminating the problems of trapping electrical wires and also the cracked oil filter housing will be history.
This set makes oil changes very easy. You just need to screw on the new filter.
The set consists of:
* CNC machined aluminum adaptor with improved oil flow
* M20x1.5mm adapter screw
* High-quality and heat-resistant (200 °C) Viton O-ring instead of the original lower-quality NBR rubber O-ring (100 °C)
Fits all models Yamaha XJR1200, XJR1300, FJ1100 and FJ1200
In standard silver anodized finish. Manufactured in the Netherlands/Germany
Spin-on filter MANN W 79 (black) or HiFlo HF174C (chrome) of your choice
Please note!: These are not included in this set and can be ordered elsewhere on this page.

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